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Greyfriars Committee


Greyfriars Committee for 2022-23 is as follows:


                                                       Chairman :Eunice Harrison

                                                       Vice Chairman : Graham Thomas

                                                       Secretary/Website: Gill Thomas

                                                       Treasurer: Ron Austin

                                                       Membership Secretary : Mo Ireland

                                                       Committee Member: John Spicer

                                                       Committee Member: Bob Clemons

                                                       Committee Member: Carol Jordan

                                                       Committee Member: Marion Hodgkins


The affairs of Greyfriars are organised by a committee who meet once a month throughout the year.

One of the main functions of the committee is to organise a wide ranging programme of events which will appeal to the diverse interests of the members. The committee also takes responsibility for the smooth running of the weekly meetings including setting up the hall, organising refreshments and welcoming our members and any visitors.


The Annual General Meeting of Greyfriars (Arts and Recreation) Society is held each year in June.

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