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Many people come along to Greyfriars for the first time following an invitation from an existing member, and often soon wish to become members.

We hope that when you come along to Greyfriars as a visitor, that you will, in time, wish to join.

Visitors are welcome to attend 3 times before being required to join as members.

(Returning members do not qualify for this concession).

Why not take a look at our current programme, to see the wide range of talks and activities

Our current membership fee is £7.00 per annum, which is renewable on 1st April each year.

Members normally pay £2.00 for each weekly meeting they attend, (except for occasional special events as announced in the programme. These payments go towards the hire of the hall, our speakers' fees and other expenses.

These rates are reviewed each year at the Annual General Meeting usually held each June. 

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